Guerlain Météorites

Hey Galsss,

I have always had a thing for high-ending products. Maybe the fact they are expensive and celebrities use them lol, kidding, actually no. I always thought that the reason why celebrities are almost always skinny and with perfect looking skin and makeup is because they have available the best products.

I don’t believe that everything that is expensive is worth it, so I like to try everything (cheap & expensive ones)! For my birthday this year I asked for some makeup goodies that I’ve been dying to try.

Guerlain Meteorite Pearls

Meteorites Open

You can find at: House of Fraser

Here is my thoughts on this product:

Guerlain Météorites

Pros: Don’t have any

Cons: The price of course, very expensive for what it does!

Well, I still haven’t fully figured out this product. I mean the packaging is beautiful and it does looks nice on your vanity table (hahah I don’t have one, I just suppose it would look nice lol), but it is so subtle that actually looks like you are applying nothing on your face.

Guerlain on my skin

This product made me really think about that tale: The Emperor’s New Clothes

So, this is the reason why I was so disappointed because I’ve read so many good reviews. I started to ask myself whether or not these people really wanted to say this product is amazing just because it is from Guerlain.  I cannot say anything regarding other swatches but the golden definitely didn’t do anything for me.

I have bought the meteorites in shade golden because since my skin is medium dark I thought it would add a nice glow (but unfortunately it didn’t add anything lol).

Have you guys ever tried the meteorites?


Carol 🙂


2 thoughts on “Guerlain Météorites

  1. This is so sad, I get so disappointed when products (especially the high end ones) let me down. It looks so fine and girly and fairytaley, who would have guessed? It’s good to read such reviews. If you ever try another shade that works better, do an update, it will be interesting 😉

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