Have you heard about Zoeva?

Hey Galsss…

Last semester I was really busy with my exams and ended up feeling a little mad for having to study during my birthday lol… So, I decided to spoil myself a little and finally give it a go to Zoeva Cosmetics.

Zoeva is a German brand, quite new I suppose. I have bought the 96 eye-shadow palette and the blush palette, which comes together like an offer. You can buy both together.


I’m also obsessed with concealers, yeah when it comes to this time of the year my skin is already so pale  (comparing to my normal brown skin) and I can’t stand my dark circles, so I also bought the concealer palette, because I thought it comes with a variation of shades that would be useful for me all year through.

You can find these products at: Zoeva

96 Eyeshadow Palette

DSC_756796 zoeva palette

Pros: Very cheap. The price is definitely very attractive.

Cons: The palette unfortunately is not high pigmented, so you might need to use a primer to make the color pop a little more.

Blush Palette



Pros: Again the price and the blushes swatches.

Cons: I don’t find any cons with this blush palette. I found the blushes very pigmented and easy to blend on the skin.

Concealer Palette



Pros: The price and the so many swatches options available on this palette.

Cons: the concealer are hard to blend on the skin, it feels very tick and you are not careful it can look a bit cakey.

Have you guys also tried Zoeva? What did you think?


Carol 🙂


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