Nars Concealer vs. Bobby Brown

Hello Everyone 🙂

This is one of my first posts! I really want to review the Nars and Boby Brown concealer on shade Ginger (Nars) and Peach (Bobby Brown).

These two concealer are actually pretty similar in texture and feeling to touch. I have previously tried lots of different concealer brands and so far these are my two favorites, having under yellow tones in my skin I find really hard to find the “perfect” concealer. I have summer and a winter skin, both looks very different and this makes it really hard to hide my dark circles.

On my skin most concealers actually either highlight or makes my dark circles even more evident. Sad, I know!!

Here are the two concealers:


The Booby Brown Concealer:

Bobby Brown1

You can find at: House of Fraser

Pros: It’s very little for the price

Cons: A little goes a long way, the consistency is very good and it lasts up to seven hours in my skin (without powder).

Nars Creamy Concealer:

nars concealer

You can find at: Nars

Pros: It is very price.

Cons: It comes with more than the Bobby Brown one. This product is amazing and it comes and so many different shades for all ethnicities and skin types.

The two concealers on my skin:

Swatches on my skin

The problem is I’ve had difficulties in finding pharmacy products from brands like Collection 2000, Maybelline or even Bourjois in my shade. Most pharmacy brands don’t have such a variation in shades for all skin colors so in this case high-end products are totally worth the hype.

Please comment below and tell me your opinion on these brands and what is your favorite concealer?


Carol 🙂


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