Review: Heroine by Mac

Hey Galss…

I’m so happy!!! I finally bought the lipstick sensation that I have been waiting for sooo long. It’s the Heroine by MAC.

I read somewhere that this lipstick was finally available at the MAC Cosmetics stores so I decided to stop buy and check it my own eyes and ta daaaaaa: it was finally there!!!!!

I couldn’t resist and bought it straight away!

Heroine by MAC 1

I must confess, I’m not the type of girl who goes everywhere covered on make up. I do make everyday routine (quite basic) and that’s it. Yes, I do love strong colors for lipsticks and I find that they suit me quite well.

This color is absolutely gorgeous! I simply loved from the moment I saw it! I tried at home and I loved it even more. It is gorgeous and don’t worry it doesn’t make your teeth look yellow. What I love most about MAC lipsticks is that the colors are always so pigmented, it’s awesome!!!!

Heroine by MAC Cosmetics

You can this product at: Brown Thomas

Pros: Definitely, Pigmentation (creamy and matte).

Cons: 19 euros for a lipstick? (I used to pay 17 euros).

What about you guys? Do you also like the Heroine by MAC as much as I do?




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