Review: Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Palette

Hey dolls,

I hope you are all doing fine!!!! 🙂

Today, the weather is pretty great here in Dublin. It really looks like spring is slowly arriving!!! Every time the weather is great I get in a very good mood lol… don’t ask me why! Maybe is because I miss living in a sunny place..!! Anyways, back to what is the most important: I have a pretty exciting review to share with you all – The Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette!

UD case jpg

Wow, this palette has seriously blown me away! I loved it so much!!!

The colors are so beautiful, incredibly pigmented and easy to work with (I mean to blend)! I know the colors are very strong and maybe some of you are skeptical about using strong eyeshadow colors, but sometimes you gotta do something outside the box just for a change!! 🙂

And since the winter is finally starting to leave us (slowly, I know) and the days are getting brighter for longer hours why not to try something new?!

This palette comes with 15 beautiful eyeshadows (15x 0,05 oz.) I bought this one last December  ( at  Urban Decay in Debenhams Ireland) and still haven’t got the chance to use it, next time I go on a night out, I will definitely use it!!

So, here is one more thing: Since I’ve bought this palette I haven’t seen anymore on the Urban Decay stores around Dublin, but maybe you could still get it online!!


Pros: I loved the colors, the number of eye shadows and and the case is very pretty!

Cons: There is none.

Here is the palette, you can check the swatches on my skin:



So, you see? I edited my pictures but I did not altered the colors of the swatches! Yes, I know the colors are vibrant and beautiful!!! 😉

So, do you like these swatches?!


Carol x


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