My Two Favorite Bronzing Powders! MAC & The Balm

Hi dolls,

I hope you all are having a fab day! 😉

Today I decided I was going to post only once but I’ve changed my mind! I’ve been missing sunshine so much lately, I can’t wait to for the weather to get warmer! So, I decided to write a post about bronzing powders.

I have only two bronzing powders: one is matte and the other has shimmery finish. I don’t really think I need more than two. I love looking tanned and having a bronzed glow on my skin, but I don’t like to over do it! Even though I love makeup I don’t actually like wearing heavy makeup looks. My daily routine is pretty basic so applying bronzing powders is not something I do every single day.

So, here is my two favorite bronzing powders:

The Balm Bahama Mama and MAC Cosmetics Bronzing Powder

bronze powdersI’d say that I love them both for different reasons! The Bahama Mama by The Balm is a matte finish powder and is perfect for contouring and adding dimension to your face. The Mac bronzing powder is has a discrete shimmery finish that I absolutely love it, it is perfect to make my skin look tanned and I don’t even need to apply blush with it.

I wouldn’t really use this MAC bronzing powder for contouring because I find the Bahama Mama is much more suitable. It looks really nice the matte bronzing powder for contouring + a nice shimmery blush.


You can find it at: Cloud 10 Beauty

Pros: The packaging is very pretty and the product is very affordable.

Cons: When I first bought it I was disappointed with the size, I found it very small (But its okay, you don’t need a lot).

The swatch on my skin:

the balm bronzing powder

As you can see, this bronzing powder is very matte, being simply perfect for contouring. I thought the camera would capture the color more, but it didn’t (Sorry, about that)!

MAC Cosmetics Bronzing Powder

MAC Bronzing Powder open

You can find it at: House of Fraser

Pros: This bronzing powder adds glow and color so you don’t even need to add any blush if you don’t want (It’s up to you).

Cons: There is none.

This bronzing powder comes and four different swatches and the one I found perfect for my skin was Bronze,  a little goes a long way. I’ve had it for a very long time and only now I started to notice that the product is ending!

The swatch on my skin:


As you can notice it adds a bit of color and shimmer. It is perfect to fake a summer glow!

And you? what are your favorite bronzing powders??

Hope you guys liked this review! 😉


Carol x


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