Review: Kérastase Resistance kit

Hi Girls,

Today, I have a beauty tip for your hair!!!

Yeah, I really want to tell you my experience with another Kérastase product. I’ve been using this Kérastase kit want for while now and I can say for sure that I love it!!

I really enjoy experimenting different hair products and I am a big fan of Kérastase products I feel that my hair really gets along with most of their products.

This kit is for damaged & weakened hair, it helps to bring life back to the length and ends of your hair. It fortifies the internal structure of your hair and resurfaces the eternal layer of the hair fibre.

I’ve been using it for while (3 months or so) and I think the kit is totally worth it! Okay, you may be wondering, if these bottles are only 200ml each (the elixir has 50ml), how do you make it last that long? The answer is simple. Since I like trying different hair products I always use two or three different shampoos & conditioner at a time so that’s why it lasts so long! 😉

kerastase 1jpg

I actually bought the Kérastase Resistance kit at Peter Mark in Dublin City Centre, the three products together was €35.91.

The Shampoo – this shampoo is mainly for weakened and damaged hair. I’ve chosen this one because since I have adopted the Ombré hairstyle I always need to use products that gives my hair strength and with a healthy appearance.

The Conditioner – This conditioner is amazing, it helps the damaged lengths and ends (which is my case). I find that this product brings my hair back to life. It is great product to use if you like me are trying to let your hair grow and don’t want to trim the ends.

The Elixir Kultime – I love using this product after drying my hair is softens the ends, it smells amazing and leave my hair shining. As you can see in the picture (below) this products comes in a small bottle but seriously you don’t need a lot!

Pros: Buying the kit helps you to save money! The quality is undoubtedly amazing!

Cons: In my opinion there is none!

Verdict: Maybe seems a lot to spend €35 (approximately) in hair products, especially when each bottle (Shampoo & Conditioner) has 200ml, but it is still totally worth if you are looking for some high quality product!

The kit helps you to save money and there are different kits for all different hair types and for all different hair needs!

I hope this review helps some of you are in doubt whether or not to try this products!


Carol x


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