Urban Decay: Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3 or all of them?!

Hey Galsss..

So, I know it might seem old to talk about these palettes but I truly love them so much.

I’ve the first Naked Palette and the Naked 2 for about 2 years now and the Naked 3 I’ve got my birthday in January just about a month later after its launching.

First things first… I don’t think is essential for you to have all of them, in fact I find the naked (1) and the Naked 2 very similar! The Naked 3 as you can see have pink hues but I think is only worthy buying them all if you really a makeup addicted or than that you won’t used them all the time!

Here (below) are my palettes:

poen palettesYou can find them at: House of Fraser


This is a great palette is so diverse, perfect to create many different dramatic and more discrete looks. These eyeshadows have amazing quality and are very handy to travel with.


The swatches on my skin:

Naked 1 swatch12

Note: Yeah, I know you can barely see the shadows Naked and Buck, and that’s because they are basically my skin color lol. I usually don’t like using primers to do swatches because I like showing the real pigmentation of the products.. Sorry about that!!!

naked 1 swatch 21

So, about this Palette I think is perfect to create night and day looks with it, the only pity is that I wish the Naked have the same metal case than the other two palettes.

Naked 2

I’ve used this  palette quite a lot, the eyeshadows are beautiful and neutral so you can definitely use it a lot. The Blackout shadow is really pitch-black, so is amazing or a smokey eye! 😉

Did I mentioned I’ve had this palette for 2 entire years? I know it looks pretty new, it’s crazy that these palettes last forever!!!(They say it’s the expire date is about 12 months, but since they don’t smell weird I’m not going to throw them out).

naked2 palette

The swatches on my skin:

Naked 2 swatches1

naked 2 swatches 2

You can see in the first picture that some of the shadows are very light and neutral so basically any neutral eyeshadows you have probably does the job just as good as the Naked 2.

Sorry if you can see my goosebumps lol… it’s pretty cold today! =/

Naked 3

To be very honest, I only have this one because it was a birthday gift. I haven’t use this palette as much as I thought I would, but I am planning on starting creating looks with it.

Naked 3 palette colorThe swatches on my skin:

Naked 3 swatches 1

Naked 3 swatches 2

Note: I find that the best brushes of these three palettes is the one from the Naked 3, the other two I never get to use because I find them a little hard to blend with! Also, each palette comes with 12 eyeshadows and each eyeshadow has 0.05 0z.

Well, what can I say, I think these products are really  worth having…. because they are long lasting, high quality and easy to store it. I love the colors of each eyeshadow in the three palettes even though they are kind of similar.

So, What do you guys think? What are your impressions on these palettes?


Carol x

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