Wishlist: Hues of Pink

Hi Girls,

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day! (:

Today, I decided to use my little knowledge of Photoshop to create this little collage with my favorite pink products (Yeah, I know the RMS Luminizer is not pink, lol but I wanted to include in this list anyways!).


ONERMS BEAUTY Living Luminizer!! This highlighter is absolutely number one on my wishlist, this product is a little pricey (€37.10) but is guaranteed to leave you with a celebrity glow on the face! It is designed to enhance your natural skin glow!

TWOSTILA Illuminating Beauty Balm!! It costs around €31.50. This multi-task product is a primer and luminizer that nourishes your skin! They also say it has been show that this product also helps to conceal imperfections! I sure want to try it!

THREETOO FACED Pink Leopard Bronzer! Oh boy, what to say about it! It’s gorgeous, I loved all things leopard and I really want to try this product! The mixture of pink and golden shades  creates the perfect bronze look! It costs approximately €31.50.

FOURTOO FACED Retractable Kabuki Brush! I’ve been dying to get a new kabuki brush, this Too Faced brush not only is pink but it’s perfect to bring on your purse! Love it!! The price is €37.70 (I find  little too pricey, but it still is gorgeous!).

FIVEBEAUTY BAY Blending Sponge! Okay, I have this exact sponge and I absolutely love it so much that I need to buy at least two or three to stock up on it!!! They are super cheap, looks exactly the same than the Beauty Blender ones but cost wayyy cheaper!!!! Only €6.80 and comes in different colors.

SIXEDWARD BESS Lip Palette Baby Pink! I’m in love with this lip palette! Pity it comes at a cost of €68 (and that’s the only reason why is my number SIX). This palette is absolutely beauty and it smells so good! Love, love and Love it!!!!

You can find all these products listed above on the BEAUTY BAY Website! They offer FREE delivery Worldwide! I’ve bought some products with them a few times and it arrived very quick! (I don’t work with them, I’m just telling you my personal experience with the website).

I hope you guys liked this post!!! Please tell me your thoughts in case you’ve tried any of these products!!


Carol x


9 thoughts on “Wishlist: Hues of Pink

  1. Your blogs are so well put together and concise. Helped me figure out what products are worth buying in the future. So I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award and I’m now a new follower! 🙂

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