DIY: Red Carpert Gel Manicure

Hi Girls,

I’ve been wanting to post about this kit for a little while. Today’s post is a pictorial + review of the Must Haves kit from Red Carpet Manicure.

DSC_7855 copy

Pros: This kit has absolutely everything a beginner needs to start doing their own gel nails and I found the price quite fair.

 Cons: The size is of the Purify & Erase Bottles are smaller than I thought. (I usually never check sizes of products so I quite often end up disappointed).

This kit is perfect if you like me are a beginner in gel manicure. So far, I’m quite satisfied with it, however, I would not buy again.

The reason being is that I would like to buy loose products (as they are larger) and I would like to try different brands as well!!! I also must highlight that even though this kit is quite small, the primer, the nail prep and the base and top coats will last you quite long (Maybe over 8 months)!!

The pictures & instructions below are going to help you (in case you don’t already know how to do your own gel nails). I think once you’ve got the hang of it, becomes much easier to get your nails done by yourself.

This DIY steps can help you can save a lot of money! The more you practice, the easier it gets. So, Far I’m doing pretty well (I think lol) the only difficulty I encountered was the seal the nail properly.

I bought this kit at Beauty Features and paid about €26 with free delivery, unfortunately this kit appears to be sold out at their website so you can encounter at: Red Carpet Manicure

This nail system is pretty similar to the CND Shellac System! (Actually is the very same system but with a different brand).

You can do your own Gel nails with pretty much any gel nail polish, I’ve bought this one because it was pretty cheap and had all the products I would need in one kit.

My nails before & after:

Collage done

(Sorry, about the different colors in the two pictures above! I didn’t use any editing, but unfortunately Day 1 – Yesterday was sunny and Day 2 – Today is quite cloudy!).


  • Alcohol (to remove the stick residues & to shine your nails, after you’ve finished painting them).
  • Nail Prep (You prep your nails before starting so the product stays longer).
  • Base & Top Coat
  • A Gel Polish
  • Cuticle Oil (To hydrate your cuticles after getting your nails done).
  • UV or LED Lamp ( I got my UV Lamp for £19.99 on  but you can use a LED Lamp if you prefer).
  • Acetone (To remove your gel polish).
  • Sunscreen with high SPF (in case you  are going to use a UV Lamp and don’t have the gloves, I would highly advise to apply a good sunscreen on your hands).

dsc_7859 fotor

DSC_7856 copy

I bought the gel color nail polish separately at Beauty Features and paid €12,50.

This color is called: Ooo La Liscius (hahah I love the name). It’s a sort of orange + red mixture! I love this gel polish. The color is really vibrant and gets really strong as you see in the picture if you apply two coats.


  1. After cleaning and filing your nails, prep your nails and allow a few seconds for the product to sink in.
  2. Apply the top coat and place your hand under the lamp for 1 min f(or UV Lamp or 30 seconds for LED Lamp).
  3. Apply the gel color nail polish then place your hand in the lamp for 3 minutes (for UV Lamp or 45 seconds for LED Lamp).
  4. Apply the top coat for 2 minutes (for UV Lamp or 45 seconds for LED Lamp).

photo lamp edited


  • Apply alcohol or nail finisher on a small piece on cotton wool and gently rub on each nail, removing the residues.


  • Enjoy your beautiful nails!!!

DSC_7876finished hand


It is important to note that you should apply thin layers of each product, this is key for your manicure to last about 2 weeks. When applying the top coat, gently seal each nail.


I hope you guys reading this post as much as I enjoyed creating it!

Please, let me know your thoughts on the Red Carpet Manicure in case you ever tried. If not, tell me what is your favorite gel polish brand?!


Carol x


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