Urban Decay: Naked Basics + Naked Flushed

Hi Lovelies 🙂

After a period without being able to post on the blog, I’m finally (actually, except for one exam) college free!!!! Yay!!! 😉 So, it now means that for while I can solely focus on the blog and write, write and write as much as I’ve always wanted. I have so many nice ideas and stuff that I want to review for you guys… and I’m even planning a new blog layout, but that will be in a while, actually!!!

So, first things first.. This review is all about these two little cuties from Urban Decay!!

I am a serious fan of Urban Decay Products and I love every single palette they have ever launched and I wish I could have them all hahaha but who doesn’t?!!

Anyways, I always kind of wanted to try the Naked Flushed, I also think is the perfect little combo. What better than a mini cute palette with bronzer, highlighter and blush?! As for the Naked Basics you need to decided whether is worth paying for it or not. However, the only reason that kept me from buying these two products before was the price, each cost almost €30 and I think that’s quite a lot for the size, but after making the decision to buy them I’m must say that I’m happy I did it.


DSC_0232 Naked Flushed

Trying this product has been a nice experience, it really is everything I was expecting it to be. The  three products are very, very pigmented so you just need a tiny bit, literally! The bronzer and the blush feels really matte and in my opinion suits most skin colors.

DSC_0224Pros: This palette is super cute and the products are definitely worth the hefty price, as the quality is amazing and you don’t need to use a lot of product to achieve great results.

Cons: It can be a little expensive if you are on a budget. There are a lot of great quality drugstore products that you can use to achieve the same results.

 The swatches on my skin:

DSC_0223What I love about this little palette is that ‘in my opinion’ it can be used all year long. Is not that you need to wait for the right season to create a look with it, so it makes this product very versatile.. It is also really perfect to bring in your purse and on trips. The palette opening is very secure so it is safe to bring along as it won’t open or brake in your bag (which, I hate when it happens).

Naked Basics:

About the Naked Basics?! Well, being very honest with you all, you don’t actually need to buy this product if you already have a good number of eye shadows. This little palette is fairly small, even smaller than the Naked Flushed, but it comes with a good decent amount of shadows. Except for one eye shadow all the others are matte. I think it is great for a everyday makeup routine that you might want to bring in your bag in case you need to apply more product throughout the day. It is very suitable for fair to brown skin but I wouldn’t would suit girls with much darker skin tones.

DSC_0226Pros: What can I say?! It’s so cute and perfect lol… I have to say I’m loving this little palette as I’m a pretty ‘basic’ because girl, unless I’m going on a night out that requires a more elaborated look.

Cons: €27,60 for this teeny palette?! It’s really up to you whether it is worth or not!

The swatches on my skin:

DSC_0233As you can see in the swatches on my skin this palette contains nude eyeshadows (except for ‘Venus’, which has glitter). It is amazing to create everyday looks with it, but if you want to get the same thing + sparkling colors I’d go for the Naked One as you get much for the the price you pay.

You can buy these products at: Beauty Bay

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Tell me your opinions in case you have these products! 🙂


Carol x


4 thoughts on “Urban Decay: Naked Basics + Naked Flushed

  1. The UD Naked Basics palette is one of those palettes that I’ve said before would be an awesome first palette to buy! Gahh the matte colours just seem so great for everyday-looks ya know? The Naked Flushed trio looks nice too – a little pricey I’d have to agree, if you know of any good drugstore dupes let me know haha 😉

  2. Lovely post! I really like those palettes, but i can hardly get my hands on them in Germany! 😦

    Could you check out my blog and follow it on bloglovin? I will follow back!
    I have a new post everyday!

    Stay fancy!
    xxx Kelly-Louise


    • Hey Kelly… I will follow you on bloglovin and will follow your blog as well… I bought them at Beauty Bay and they deliver to Germany… with free shipping!!!! I know because I’m moving to Germany myself in a few weeks so I was kind of already checking which websites offer shipping there 🙂 xx

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