Meet my new love: They’re Real Push Up Liner by Benefit!

Hi Lovelies…

I hope you all are having a wonderful week!! 🙂 Today I’m writing a quick post about my new favourite eyeliner: They’re Real by Benefit. Seriously, I have heard so much about this little magic pen that I decided that I no longer can bare no to have it. So, I bought it a couple of days ago and since then I’ve been using every single day.

One Word: A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! It is definitely by far, far away the best gel eyeliner that I have ever used! It does thick all the boxes and all I can say that €25 for this, it is totally worth paying.


I know that for us women winged eyes can be very time consuming and sometimes messy … lol. I have tried so many different eyeliners, always in the hope that I would find one that would not smudge or crack. Having hooded eyes limits me a little when it comes down to how thick my eyeliner can be. It sucks, but by know I learned to not care about it anymore lol.. Now, I even like it (Tks to Jennifer Lawrence, who always manages to have perfect eye makeup, rocking beautifully her hooded eyes).

The Benefit Push -up Liner is simply amazing because it dries really, really quick and it does not smudge, yeah, you heard right it does not smudge!!!!! 🙂



– It is waterproof, the AccuFlex tip makes it really easy for you to apply and even easier for you to draw the little flick for the perfect winged eyes.

The angled tip is very soft and allow an incredibly easy application even if you are a total beginner, it also draw very thin strokes but you can add more product to create thicker ones.

I have applied the eyeliner in the morning and 7 hours later it was still in place. It dries so fast and it is super, ultra black! So, you don’t need to add any additional product to make it even darker!


– Even though I think this product is definitely worth, I believe €24.99 in a pen eyeliner gel that comes only with 1.4g / 0.04oz. it very pricey!

I have uploaded two images below so you can see for yourself. I took these pics a couple of hours after I applied the eyeliner!!


I bought the product at Douglas in the Alexia’s here in Berlin. They only had 3 left in store when I bought mine, the sales girl told me it has been their best-seller!!!! You can buy it online here: Douglas, Sephora (Brasil), House of Fraser, Brown Thomas


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