Review: Sigma Kabuki Essential Kit

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Hi dolls,

I finally got the chance to review some of the Sigma Kits that I have purchased recently. These two kits comes with 5 brushes each and I have used them for the past  month and I can say that I don’t regret spending the money on them. All I can say is that it took me forever to manage to buy them as I could only buy online and my address was about to change. Anyways, if you want to know more I wrote the whole story below.. otherwise you can skip that part and go straight to the reviews! 🙂

The Purchase Tale

There is a long story behind these brushes though, I actually originally first bought them from the Sigma US website. After almost three months of waiting for my damn brushes Sigma emailed me telling me that my purchased have been denied upon delivery (which obviously is not possible, I would never refuse to receive something I’ve been dying to buy, neither would my husband).

Anyways, Sigma then refunded the amount paid and since I was in Ireland but about to move to Germany I decided to order them from a German website and get them delivered to my mother in law’s place. After I purchasing from the German website my brushes were delivered within 2 working days.

I was dying to get my hands on these babies but I still had to wait another six weeks until I could be in Germany. Yeah, long story right?!

So, now that I have my new apartment, my brushes and the most important thing: Internet available, I can finally review them for you.

I actually bought two kits but today I will be focusing on the kabuki one as I was so excited to start using them.


Sigma Synthetic Precision Kit


This kit comes with these five face brushes, it says in the box that the brushes are supposed to mimic the shape of our finger tips for applying makeup in sensitive areas of the face. The brushes are made of fibers that are designed to apply powder, cream and liquid products without absorption of the products into the bristles.

I have com to the conclusion that the last part is not entirely true. It simply can’t be as I have been testing these brushes and I noticed that some of the products do get stuck in the bristles. That is actually a bit con, considering that you pay more for these brushes for the simple fact that they are suppose to be synthetic!!

Having said that, I have to say that it is important to take into consideration that these brushes are actually amazing quality and long-lasting. If you do have the patience and attention to detail to actually use them, you can sculpt your face leaving yourself with a flawless complexion.

So, my conclusion is that they do keep a bit of the products in the bristles but they are still worth as they are excellent quality and perform beautifully if used by skilled hands, (a little quick disclaimer: * Just so you know, I’m not a makeup artist or brushes specialist of any sort, but I do have a very deep interest in makeup brushes, and I have researched and tried different ones myself, so this review is only based on my opinion, of course).

The Kit:

It comes with all the brushes mentioned bellow, and so I have to say that my absolute favourite one is the Precision Tapered (P86), I have used this brush all the time especially in the inner corners of my eyes and to deep my crease. So, if you don’t want to buy the entire kit, this is the brush that I would recommend.

Precision Flat – P80

Precision Round – P82

Precision Angles – P86

Precision Tapered – P86

Precision Flat Angled – P88

Sigma Synthetic Kabuki Kit


This kit is absolutely amazing and if you have to decide on which one to go for, please choose this one! It comes with these five brushes and it is designed for high definition, flawless makeup application. It is perfect to blend not only powder but also creamy products. I also loved doing highlight and contouring with this kit.

For flawless foundation application these brushes are unreal!!! I actually stopped using all my other brushes and now contouring and foundation application I only use this kit!

This Sigma kit is actually perfect for makeup newbies and as well as makeup experts because these tools are very easy to work with. When applying foundation with the Sigma Kabuki brushes you spend half the time you would normally take when using a regular foundation brush (for example, a Sigma F60 or the Duo – Fibre – F50).

I would say that you don’t actually need to own the entire kit (unless, you are like me that you need to have it) but it is a excellent choice to pick at least to brushes from this kit, I would highly recommend the Flat Kabuki to apply foundation and the Angled kabuki is very good for contouring. These two are my favourite brushes and have quickly become my everyday brushes.

The Kit:

Flat Kabuki – F80

Round Kabuki – F82

Angled Kabuki – F84

Tapered Kabuki – F86

Flat Angled Kabuki – F88

Fave Brushes :

My Must Have brushes:

DSC_0024Precision Tapered (F86), Flat Angled Kabuki (F88) and Flat Kabuki (F80)

Where you can buy:

The prices will actually vary from where you are located, I bought these ones here in Germany in a online store called Cambree. The delivery service was amazing, it arrived super fast and I found was cheaper than in most UK or Irish websites. In Ireland you can buy from Cloud 10 Beauty and in the UK from Love Make UP


6 thoughts on “Review: Sigma Kabuki Essential Kit

  1. I also wanted to have these but they are so pricey! I think I’ll save up and buy them as a gift for myself haha. I really love your blog! Your posts are all so beautiful and amazing 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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