Urban Decay Vice 3

vice 3Hi lovelies..

I am super excited about my latest purchases for my makeup collection. I got the UD on a pre-sale here in Germany and I’m super duper happy about it!

I can say that definitely is my love. The actual palette is gorgeous! Stunning packaging, beautiful hardware  with a 3d jeweled VICE and the shadows are simply beyond beautiful. This is my first vice and I can say that it was totally worth it!

The abstract hardware of the case is so pretty and it comes with a little dust bag too. I’m not sure when the vice 3 will be released in all countries but if u go on their website u might be able to buy on pre-sales or at sephora.

The price is not the friendliest but this palette definitely stands out from all the previous palettes.

I took a couple of pictures and swatches all the 20 eyeshadows. They are highly pigmented and the shades are a great mixture of colours which can be used throughout the four seasons of the year, so yeah with this palette is definitely kill two birds with one stone.


vice3 aberta

You can try to purchase this palette here: Urban Decay and here Sephora.

Bare in mind that at UD in Germany the Vice 3 is not yet available for sale and the Sephora website doesn’t delivery this specific item to Germany, however, you can keep an eye on these websites. I actually find quite unfair that when u use Sephora and you put the item in the basket it says “This Item is not available for delivery to you country” or sth like that. Super disappointing!

Anyways, it should be for sale at  the end of November in all UD stores 🙂

Price: Here in Europe it will cost €48.99 and it the US it comes at a price of $60,00. So it is not so bad if you see that you are buying 20 eyeshadows containing 03.oz in each.

The swatches:


PicMonkey Collage1

PicMonkey Collage2 Most of the shades have metallic finish and only for comes in matte finish. They are very easily blended and as I mentioned super duper pigmented. These shades are amazing to create day and evening looks. Some matte shades you can use as transition colours to blend the shadows.

I hope you guys enjoyed this quick post.



Carol (:


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