How I organize my makeup

Hi all,

All of us.. that have a soft spot for makeup and beauty good.. dream of having a special space to doll up and store our beloved makeup items, so today I decided to share with all of you how I store my makeup and beauty good. Well, I don’t own a huge makeup collection, I only have what I use and so on but I do have a little extra space in our bedroom that is very bright so I decided it would be my spot to blog and play around with my stuff.

Before I moved from Ireland to Germany I didn’t have a space of my own for my makeup/beauty products. I had to store in my spare bathroom, which was large enough and had a huge mirror. Now, I feel happier because I can literally enjoy my little beauty space. In my new apartment we have a two bedroom apartment both quite spacious so one became our walk-in closet/office and the other is our main bedroom is the one I have my makeup storage desk.

If you want me to show pictures of the before and after decoration, let me know and I can create a post only for that.

So here are some pics that I selected to show you guys, unfortunately here in Germany it gets dark very early during the winter months so I couldn’t take pictures of every single drawer, but don’t worry I will in a near future. 🙂

IMG_2425edited1Well, as I said I don’t own lots of things.. so my storage is rather simple, but I do like to keep my space organized and I believe to have found a great way, so now I am going to show you.

I almost everything in Ikea, except for the small  storage items items.

My nail polish I like to keep my favorite ones in a easy access tray, the rest I store in a box (that you can not see) under the table. Beauty items like tangle teezer, makeup remover, thermal water spray I keep on the little white basket. I bought a little office set of drawers and divided each drawer with my makeup items.

I have six little drawers and it comes with tiny little wheels so I can move around as I wish. In the first drawer I have makeup remover, hand sanitizer, hand creams, and travel sizes beauty products. In the second drawer I have all my mascaras, eyeliners, eye pencils, loose eye shadows, falsies, beauty blender, glue, tweezers etc. In the third drawer ( I will add more pictures to this post soon, I promise) I keep all lippie related things such as lip liner, lip gloss, more lipsticks, chubby lip pencils, lip primer etc. Fourth drawer I dedicated completely to my eye shadow palettes, as some of you who follow my blog know I absolutely love eyeshadow palettes I can’t resist buying them or asking them as a gift in any opportunity so it is so perfect to have a drawer exclusively for them.

PicMonkey CollageIn the fifth drawer I keep my facial powders and also makeup tissues. And in my last drawer I keep my extra products, the ones I buy to have in case something suddenly ends. I like to keep that way as I easily can reach for everything that I need without creating and mess. This little set of drawer also comes with tags so you can actually tag each drawer, naming them.

The main drawer of my vanity I keep stuff that I use on my daily basis… My favorite creams, foundations, concealers, blushers, lip balms and primers. It is far the best way to organize as it suits completely my life routine. I normally get up, have breakfast, walk my dog and get ready to go to work. So, with this busy and crazy routine I need a super fast makeup routine and keeping everything I need on a daily basis in my main drawer is just a must.

The pictures are not great sorry, but I actually had no intention to use them on this post. I took them to show my mom on whatsapp lol. Anyways, I decided to show you guys how it is looking now.

PicMonkey Collage2

Now, in this last picture you can see what it looks like the whole thing together. These two LED lamps are great and don’t occupy too much space on the table. I like to keep the surface clean and with not too many items so I can watch tutorials online or listen to music while I’m sitting there. So, in case you have any interest in knowing where I bought the storage I will list below. Please, if you have a nice setup for your makeup please send me pictures I would love to see it! 🙂

Trays, Brushes acrylic holder – MUJI

Lipstick acryclic holder – DM

LED Lamps, Mirroe, Table, Drawers, Candle Holder, Sheep Fur Mini Rug – IKEA

Basket – Primark




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