How I organize my makeup

Hi all,

All of us.. that have a soft spot for makeup and beauty good.. dream of having a special space to doll up and store our beloved makeup items, so today I decided to share with all of you how I store my makeup and beauty good. Well, I don’t own a huge makeup collection, I only have what I use and so on but I do have a little extra space in our bedroom that is very bright so I decided it would be my spot to blog and play around with my stuff.

Before I moved from Ireland to Germany I didn’t have a space of my own for my makeup/beauty products. I had to store in my spare bathroom, which was large enough and had a huge mirror. Now, I feel happier because I can literally enjoy my little beauty space. In my new apartment we have a two bedroom apartment both quite spacious so one became our walk-in closet/office and the other is our main bedroom is the one I have my makeup storage desk.

If you want me to show pictures of the before and after decoration, let me know and I can create a post only for that.

So here are some pics that I selected to show you guys, unfortunately here in Germany it gets dark very early during the winter months so I couldn’t take pictures of every single drawer, but don’t worry I will in a near future. 🙂

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Saying Hallo from Berlin!!

photo 2

Hi Everyone!

This isn’t my regular beauty post. This is actually just a quick post to explain to you all why I haven’t posted anything lately. I know, I’m a blogger newbie but I really enjoy doing it, even if my audience isn’t so large lol. I do it for pleasure, really. That’s why I want to explain why I had to take a short brake.

I started the blog in a very busy moment in my life, I was in my last semester in College and we were also planning to move overseas. There were lots of things to organize and to sort out before our ‘big’ move.

I was finishing my final exams in college, taking a driving test and packing all within a very short schedule. I wanted to tell all of you who take your time to read the blog why I basically disappeared. It has been hard to juggle everything at the same time. A few weeks after I finished college I moved from Dublin to Berlin with my husband and our dog (Rocco in the pic below)!

photo 1

So, it has been crazy and at the moment things are a bit upside down lol. I head so many things on my to do list (Number 1 was find an apt, which thankfully wasn’t as hard as we’d imagined). Now, I am temporarily without Internet, (no more ‘Instagraming’ or ‘Whatsapping’ for the moment lol…) I am back on prepay hahhaha and it sucks real bad hahhah! I feel like I’m back to the stone age.

Anyways, we actually just found ourselves a very nice apartment and we moved in last Saturday so things are still a bit all over the place and I will probably be without internet at home for another two weeks!! It seems it can be a little slow depending on which internet provider you are going for.

I am also with my makeup (most of it at least) still stored in boxes and I’m waiting for my dressing table (a good place to take nice pictures) and mirror to arrive.

I hoping to be back to normal with regular blog posts after my internet is finally installed. So, far I’m enjoying what the city has to offer and getting myself busy with paying regular visits to furniture stores and all these kinds of things. I have also already found lots of cool places to buy makeup and beauty products. Very soon, I will be doing a guide to help you guys buy beauty/makeup products if you visit Berlin.

I’m really missing the blog and missing having internet on my phone hahahhah.

I hope you guys don’t forget the blog on the mean time. 🙂


From Berlin.

La Roche Posay: The Best Body Lotion for Dry Skin

Hi lovelies,

Today I am writing a quick review about this La Roche Posay Lipikar. As I mentioned in previous posts I have dry skin, from time to time it gets better or worse. When my skin is really dry it feels really tight and uncomfortable, so from time to time I use this body lotion.

It is AMAZING!!! Yeah that’s all I can say. I’ve used so many different body lotions for dry skin and this is by far, by really far the best one. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and moisturized just after the first application and I see improvements in just two days.

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My Skincare Essentials

I am really into trying new things, especially cosmetics :)… but there are certain beauty products that I have on my lists of  ‘everyday musts’.. My skin is normally very very dry and sensitive so it requires a lot of care, especially during the winter months, during the summer months I start kind of preparing my skin for the sun.. by that I mean pimples and spots free! I try to eat healthier to avoid skin breakouts.

Here are some of the products that I’ve been loving it:

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Review: Redken- All Soft Heavy Cream

Oi Darlings… 🙂

I hope you all are having fab plans for this Easter weekend, unfortunately I have to study but it all will be over soon and then I will be able to focus on the blog full time.

As you might know, I love hair products and I’m always up to try all sort of products, however, I do have two favorite brands: Redken and Kerastase.

I’ve been using products from these two brands for many years now and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. Today, I’m reviewing a hair cream that I’ve used to the core… this is one of my favorite hair products in the entire world..for so many years now.. and I will, soon have it to buy again.

The Redken All Soft Heavy Cream is perfect if you, like me have long and voluminous hair. It’s perfect for dry and brittle hair or if you just want a DIY hair makeover.

Screen Shot 2014-04-11 at 20.39.28

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Best Places To Shop Online

Hey Dolls,

I hope you are all having a great week! Over the next three weeks, the blog will be quite slow with not many posts, because I am in my last weeks of college, finishing lots of assignments etc. But, I have a lonnng list of posts I will be writing and I’m even planing a blog makeover (How exciting haaa?!lol) after my classes are over.

Today’s post is about online shopping! I love online shopping for cosmetics and makeup products, (But I don’t like buying clothes online though)! Usually what I do is: I go to the stores around Dublin, check for makeup or beauty products that I’m seeking to buy. I check for prices and if I can find it in store and prices are fair I buy it if not, I go online and check for cheaper options! (Even if is only a little cheaper I still think is worth buying online, unless I’m too anxious to have it  and I can’t wait any longer lol).

So, I decided to share with you my absolute favorite places to shop online! Maybe most of you already know these places, maybe not…

1. Beauty Bay

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 15.05.14

This online store is on the very top of my list, the reason being is because, the prices are usually cheaper than at most makeup and beauty counters. They also have a crazy variety of brands that you can choose from. They  offer free delivery worldwide. I have bought with them a couples of times and it has never disappointed me, it has always arrived between 5 to 7 working days and the products were carefully wrapped.

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DIY: Red Carpert Gel Manicure

Hi Girls,

I’ve been wanting to post about this kit for a little while. Today’s post is a pictorial + review of the Must Haves kit from Red Carpet Manicure.

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