“Fit” Chocolate Cake

Hi Dolls,

Sorry my absence but I’ve been preparing myself for my very last exam in college (which was this morning)! It is very hard to concentrate in college or in everything else at the moment since I’m preparing myself to move abroad in a few weeks!!!

I haven’t really posted any recipes lately due to my lack of motivation for cooking but I decided was time to try to come up with something new. Like most women I have food cravings (especially for desserts of all sorts) when I’m anxious so I came up with this ‘fit’ version of a chocolate cake. I mean normally I just look up online for guilt free recipes but this time I just wanted something simple, fast and that involved all the ingriedients I had in my kitchen.

Hopefully this inspire some of you, who like me want to eat without feeling guilty for eating lol… I mean, I hate working out (but I walk my dog, twice a day for around 40 mins to 1 hr, so I guess that already helps with sth) so I prefer just eating less junk and more proper food, but I like sweets every other day.. Anyways, back to what it matters:

So here is the recipe below:

Fit Chocolate Cake

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No-Bake Cookie Dough Bites

Hello Girls,

The guilty-free bites of this week is a really tasty and easy recipe! I have a thing for sweets and in order to control my sweet tooth I have opted for recipes healthy and easy recipes, that way I find it easier to stick with my new healthy lifestyle lol.

This recipe as I said is super easy and it only takes max. of 20 minutes from start to end.

(The original recipe is from Averie Cooks but I made a few adaptions on mine).

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Guilt-Free German Chocolate Protein Bars

Hi Guys,

I hope you’re all had an amazing weekend!

Today, I would like to share with you all a guilt – free recipe that I discovered while going through a process of changing my eating habits. I must admit my love for chocolates and I find always really hard to control my sweet tooth, but so far it’s working.

I was checking online for healthy and tasty homemade protein bars recipes and I ended up coming across this this recipe (That’s the original recipe) German Chocolate Protein Bars from a blog called The Sweet Life Online.

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