How I organize my makeup

Hi all,

All of us.. that have a soft spot for makeup and beauty good.. dream of having a special space to doll up and store our beloved makeup items, so today I decided to share with all of you how I store my makeup and beauty good. Well, I don’t own a huge makeup collection, I only have what I use and so on but I do have a little extra space in our bedroom that is very bright so I decided it would be my spot to blog and play around with my stuff.

Before I moved from Ireland to Germany I didn’t have a space of my own for my makeup/beauty products. I had to store in my spare bathroom, which was large enough and had a huge mirror. Now, I feel happier because I can literally enjoy my little beauty space. In my new apartment we have a two bedroom apartment both quite spacious so one became our walk-in closet/office and the other is our main bedroom is the one I have my makeup storage desk.

If you want me to show pictures of the before and after decoration, let me know and I can create a post only for that.

So here are some pics that I selected to show you guys, unfortunately here in Germany it gets dark very early during the winter months so I couldn’t take pictures of every single drawer, but don’t worry I will in a near future. 🙂

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Urban Decay Vice 3

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Inspiration: The Cat Eye of Nicola Peltz

Hi there :))

Since my last post about the push-up liner from Benefit was all about eyeliner I’ve decided to post inspirational post focused on Nicola Peltz. She is absolutely stunning and knows exactly how to rock cat eyes like no one else.

This week was the premier of Transformers 4 in Tokyo, and Nicola was simply stunning, she not only rocked a very daring  dress and but completely nailed the cat eye make up look.

It was made by makeup artist Kate Lee and she also posted pictures of Nicola in her own Instagram account.

I have gathered some nice pictures of Nicola using different style of cat eye, I hop it inspires you as much it inspires me! x

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Bronzers: Soleil Tan De Chanel Dupe

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Saying Hallo from Berlin!!

photo 2

Hi Everyone!

This isn’t my regular beauty post. This is actually just a quick post to explain to you all why I haven’t posted anything lately. I know, I’m a blogger newbie but I really enjoy doing it, even if my audience isn’t so large lol. I do it for pleasure, really. That’s why I want to explain why I had to take a short brake.

I started the blog in a very busy moment in my life, I was in my last semester in College and we were also planning to move overseas. There were lots of things to organize and to sort out before our ‘big’ move.

I was finishing my final exams in college, taking a driving test and packing all within a very short schedule. I wanted to tell all of you who take your time to read the blog why I basically disappeared. It has been hard to juggle everything at the same time. A few weeks after I finished college I moved from Dublin to Berlin with my husband and our dog (Rocco in the pic below)!

photo 1

So, it has been crazy and at the moment things are a bit upside down lol. I head so many things on my to do list (Number 1 was find an apt, which thankfully wasn’t as hard as we’d imagined). Now, I am temporarily without Internet, (no more ‘Instagraming’ or ‘Whatsapping’ for the moment lol…) I am back on prepay hahhaha and it sucks real bad hahhah! I feel like I’m back to the stone age.

Anyways, we actually just found ourselves a very nice apartment and we moved in last Saturday so things are still a bit all over the place and I will probably be without internet at home for another two weeks!! It seems it can be a little slow depending on which internet provider you are going for.

I am also with my makeup (most of it at least) still stored in boxes and I’m waiting for my dressing table (a good place to take nice pictures) and mirror to arrive.

I hoping to be back to normal with regular blog posts after my internet is finally installed. So, far I’m enjoying what the city has to offer and getting myself busy with paying regular visits to furniture stores and all these kinds of things. I have also already found lots of cool places to buy makeup and beauty products. Very soon, I will be doing a guide to help you guys buy beauty/makeup products if you visit Berlin.

I’m really missing the blog and missing having internet on my phone hahahhah.

I hope you guys don’t forget the blog on the mean time. 🙂


From Berlin.


Today’s review is about the Make UP Forever HD Blush! I actually  won this blush in the Make and giveaway!!! Ha! Lucky I know 🙂 but it is the very first time I ever won anything like that!

I took these pictures on the day it arrived as I was quite anxious to try it out! 🙂  I, usually like using the product for a little while before I write something about it, but I’d say there is no point and waiting any longer. I have used this blush for the fourth time now and I must be sincere: I’m sure it is  not worth the ripe!!!

The MUFE says that HD Blush has the perfect shade for every skin color, it also says that is it completely weightless (which I agree) and that the formula was designed to create a natural flushed look without any traces or visible texture on the skin.

It is also said that it can worn over or under powder to sculpt and highlight your cheeks in a flawlessly way. Sounds promising, doesn’t it?! Maybe it will work perfectly well and tick all the boxes on someone else  skin but not on mine =/

Since I won in a beauty blog giveaway I could not my color, but I was quite lucky because the shade 215 is a very pretty peach color that I would say suits really well many skin tones.


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Urban Decay: Naked Basics + Naked Flushed

Hi Lovelies 🙂

After a period without being able to post on the blog, I’m finally (actually, except for one exam) college free!!!! Yay!!! 😉 So, it now means that for while I can solely focus on the blog and write, write and write as much as I’ve always wanted. I have so many nice ideas and stuff that I want to review for you guys… and I’m even planning a new blog layout, but that will be in a while, actually!!!

So, first things first.. This review is all about these two little cuties from Urban Decay!!

I am a serious fan of Urban Decay Products and I love every single palette they have ever launched and I wish I could have them all hahaha but who doesn’t?!!

Anyways, I always kind of wanted to try the Naked Flushed, I also think is the perfect little combo. What better than a mini cute palette with bronzer, highlighter and blush?! As for the Naked Basics you need to decided whether is worth paying for it or not. However, the only reason that kept me from buying these two products before was the price, each cost almost €30 and I think that’s quite a lot for the size, but after making the decision to buy them I’m must say that I’m happy I did it.

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