Urban Decay: Electric Palette

Hi Gals… happy 2015!!!!!

I have been gone for so long that I cannot even remember last time I wrote a post. Sad!!! I love blogging but my life has been a little crazy lately.

Since I graduated and moved to Germany and I have had so much going on: looking for apartment, furnishing it.. looking for a job learning a language, getting used to the city! It was a absolutely unbelievable year so crazy.

I have continue to purchase makeup and to try new things but unfortunately have not had the time to blog about it. This year, I’m determined to be back on track with blogging.

In October last year I purchased the so talked about Electric Palette from Urban Decay as well as the Vice 3. These are my current babies…. completely in love with these palettes.

I briefly reviewed the Vice 3 on the blog and now I finally have the time and the energy to write this post about the Electric Palette.

I bought this one on Douglas Website. The delivery was free and very, very fast. This palette is completely amazing for those of you who love to create daring and vibrant looks. You can play around with these shadows because they are in fact pressed pigments. So, you can use and eyeliners, eyeshadows, lip colour of even on your cheeks or for artistic makeup such as bruises and so on…

It is completely up to you how to use it!!! It is fun and super easy to work with, plus the price (44euros) is definitely good for high quality pigments.

Now, let’s check it out 🙂

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Urban Decay Vice 3

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Urban Decay: Naked Basics + Naked Flushed

Hi Lovelies 🙂

After a period without being able to post on the blog, I’m finally (actually, except for one exam) college free!!!! Yay!!! 😉 So, it now means that for while I can solely focus on the blog and write, write and write as much as I’ve always wanted. I have so many nice ideas and stuff that I want to review for you guys… and I’m even planning a new blog layout, but that will be in a while, actually!!!

So, first things first.. This review is all about these two little cuties from Urban Decay!!

I am a serious fan of Urban Decay Products and I love every single palette they have ever launched and I wish I could have them all hahaha but who doesn’t?!!

Anyways, I always kind of wanted to try the Naked Flushed, I also think is the perfect little combo. What better than a mini cute palette with bronzer, highlighter and blush?! As for the Naked Basics you need to decided whether is worth paying for it or not. However, the only reason that kept me from buying these two products before was the price, each cost almost €30 and I think that’s quite a lot for the size, but after making the decision to buy them I’m must say that I’m happy I did it.

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Urban Decay: Naked, Naked 2, Naked 3 or all of them?!

Hey Galsss..

So, I know it might seem old to talk about these palettes but I truly love them so much.

I’ve the first Naked Palette and the Naked 2 for about 2 years now and the Naked 3 I’ve got my birthday in January just about a month later after its launching.

First things first… I don’t think is essential for you to have all of them, in fact I find the naked (1) and the Naked 2 very similar! The Naked 3 as you can see have pink hues but I think is only worthy buying them all if you really a makeup addicted or than that you won’t used them all the time!

Here (below) are my palettes:

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Review: Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Palette

Hey dolls,

I hope you are all doing fine!!!! 🙂

Today, the weather is pretty great here in Dublin. It really looks like spring is slowly arriving!!! Every time the weather is great I get in a very good mood lol… don’t ask me why! Maybe is because I miss living in a sunny place..!! Anyways, back to what is the most important: I have a pretty exciting review to share with you all – The Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette!

UD case jpg

Wow, this palette has seriously blown me away! I loved it so much!!!

The colors are so beautiful, incredibly pigmented and easy to work with (I mean to blend)! I know the colors are very strong and maybe some of you are skeptical about using strong eyeshadow colors, but sometimes you gotta do something outside the box just for a change!! 🙂

And since the winter is finally starting to leave us (slowly, I know) and the days are getting brighter for longer hours why not to try something new?!

This palette comes with 15 beautiful eyeshadows (15x 0,05 oz.) I bought this one last December  ( at  Urban Decay in Debenhams Ireland) and still haven’t got the chance to use it, next time I go on a night out, I will definitely use it!!

So, here is one more thing: Since I’ve bought this palette I haven’t seen anymore on the Urban Decay stores around Dublin, but maybe you could still get it online!!

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Review: Urban Decay Black Market 24/7 Pencil Set

Hey Gals,

I hope you all are doing very fine 🙂

I have been looking for perfect eye pencils for so long and decided to give this kit a go when a friend of mine mentioned that they were amazing. Well, I will be totally honest on this one (hold on I’m always totally honest lol), they were also 25% off on Debenhams and since I can’t resist a make up bargain I had to buy it.

I am by no mean a makeup artist, lol… I am an enthusiast!!!! I love playing around with my makeup when I’m bored. I also love everything that has to do with beauty, I honestly can read and talk about this topic forever and ever!!! (I may even get on some people’s nerves, sometimes! Sorry about that lol).

Well, anyways back to the eye pencils:

 Urban Decay Black Market 24/7 Pencil Set

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